Image First’s Baha Alwardi was selected to present at AHLC Hair Now 2022 to demonstrate a hair replacement technique he invented called the “three dots” technique. Baha’s presentation was called “Making Dreams Come True” because that’s what we feel hair replacement does. It’s a non-surgical way of helping people regain their confidence and their normal lives.

What Is AHLC Hair Now?

AHLC Hair Now is an annual conference hosted by the American Hair Loss Council. The purpose of the conference is to provide hair restoration professionals with an opportunity to learn new techniques. The idea is to share knowledge and skills for hair restoration and replacement that aren’t typically taught at hair schools.

In addition to hair replacement education, attending the conference and joining the council can offer hair replacement specialists the opportunity to gain support from others in the industry and also network with their peers.

Who Is the American Hair Loss Council?

The American Hair Loss Council is an organization whose mission is to serve professionals in the hair restoration and replacement industry. These professionals can include:

  • Certified trichologists
  • Hair replacement specialists
  • Hair replacement technicians
  • Hair transplant surgeons
  • Extensionists
  • Wig makers
  • Manufacturers of goods related to the industry
  • Distributors of goods related to the industry

In this way, the AHLC also seeks to help those who are suffering from hair loss.

Who Is Hair Visions International?

Hair Visions International is an organization established in 1975 that focuses on educating hair stylists on a variety of different techniques, including hair replacement techniques. Image First has worked with Hair Visions International for more than ten years for its classes. Image First supplies the hair professionals and Hair Visions International has supplied the subjects and the materials used in the demonstrations.

It is with Hair Visions International that Baha Alwardi and Image First have offered both in-person and virtual classes for those interested in learning more about hair replacement systems. Baha has traveled all across the country to demonstrate his techniques to those who want to learn them but during the COVID-19 pandemic, he began to offer virtual classes on Zoom with the support of Hair Visions International.

What Is Making Dreams Come True?

“Making Dreams Come True” is the name of Baha Alwardi’s class that he taught at the AHLC Hair Now 2022 conference. It was so named because it represented a combination of him achieving his own dreams as well as being able to help others achieve theirs. This includes hair professionals learning how to better implement hair replacement systems as well as their clients who could also better achieve their own dreams after receiving a hair replacement.

What Is the Three Dots Technique?

The “three dots” technique is a hair replacement technique invented by Baha Alwardi. Inspired by the three dots on the console of an aircraft as it approaches the runway. Just as the pilot has to aim the nose of the aircraft toward the center dot, the hair stylist placing a hair replacement system should aim it towards the center of three dots in order to ensure that the unit won’t shift from side to side on the client’s head.