Image First Hair Salon and Day Spa offers a wide range of services, including hair cutting and coloring. However, the salon’s primary focus is its hair replacement services. This is because we’ve found that hair replacement is where we can make the biggest difference in people’s lives.

To help as many people as possible, we work with Hair Visions International to share our hair replacement expertise in Zoom-based digital coaching classes, so that salon owners and hairstylists across the world can improve their hair replacement services.

Who Is Hair Visions International?

Hair Visions International is a hair replacement and extensions product distributor that operates out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, not far from Image First’s Boynton Beach location. Hair Visions International organizes the coaching classes and provides all of the necessary materials and Image First provides the main instructor.

Who Can Take the Virtual Coaching Classes?

The virtual coaching classes are designed for salon owners or more advanced hairstylists who are looking to either improve their businesses or improve their skills. We don’t typically offer beginning courses for those looking to get started in the world of hairstyling.

We offer a variety of different course topics that experienced hairstylists can sign up for. You can also take the courses in either a group or as an individual. The most common topics are hair replacement and improving a hair salon as a business.

How Much Experience Does Image First Have?

Image First has been in business for almost twenty years and has been a leader in the hair replacement industry for the entirety of that time. The owner and lead stylist, Baha Alwardi, who is also the main instructor in the Hair Visions International virtual coaching program, has been working in the hairstyling industry for thirty years and has been teaching others, primarily in hair replacement techniques, for fifteen of those years.

Why Is Hair Replacement Image First’s Focus?

It was actually by accident that we got started in hair replacement in the first place. Baha Alwardi had the opportunity to work with someone who needed hair replacement while he was in beauty school and fell in love with it. This was because he saw the greatest opportunity to help others by offering hair replacement services. Hair replacement could make a huge difference in someone’s life and offered the opportunity to make a real difference by transforming people.

Why Is Hair Replacement So Important?

Appearance can make a huge difference in someone’s life. People who aren’t happy with their appearance for any reason may feel self-conscious or even ashamed. This is especially true of many people who have experienced hair loss. Hair replacement is a non-surgical method of replacing lost hair for both men and women. It’s less expensive than surgical hair procedures and is also more flexible because it can be undone if a client isn’t 100% happy while a surgical procedure is permanent.

For Zoom course booking details, contact Karla at Hair Visions International by calling 1-800-327-5555 ext. 3325. 

If you’re interested in hair replacement with Image First, don’t hesitate to reach out for a confidential consultation via 561-737-9575. We’ll be honored to help you – rediscover you!