Your hair plays a major role in your appearance. People who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss can suffer from a loss of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and other problems. While hair loss may be more common in men, it can happen to anyone, both men and women. Hair loss or hair thinning can also result due to a variety of different reasons, such as heredity or cancer.

Fortunately, a hair replacement system can help both men and women have more natural-looking, fuller hair.

What Is a Hair Replacement System?

Imagine a toupee that an older relative may have worn. While it did help hide any blading patches, toupees were often obvious and didn’t look terribly natural. A hair replacement system is similar to a toupee, but hair replacement has come a long way since elder relatives were looking to hide thinning hair. Modern hair replacement systems look much more natural and blend in better with your own hair for a seamless look.

Plus, modern hair replacement systems more closely resemble your actual hair. Every hair replacement system is different, modified for each person’s unique and individual needs. Getting a hair replacement system can even be an opportunity to try out a look that isn’t necessarily natural to your own hair but is something you’ve always wanted to try.

How Is a Hair Replacement System Different from Hair Transplants?

Getting hair transplants involves having a surgical treatment done to implant hair into your scalp. The surgeon takes scalp grafts that have hair and then transplants them onto the areas of your head that don’t have hair. This process can be painful and does have a recovery period, just like any surgery would.

By contrast, a hair replacement system is much less expensive and doesn’t require a surgeon. It’s a non-surgical method that will still result in natural-looking hair across your entire head. Because a hair replacement system isn’t surgical, it can be done at many hair salons, making it a much easier and much more accessible treatment option for thinning hair.

Is Hair Replacement Different for Men and Women?

A hair replacement system is largely the same whether it’s for a man or a woman. How hair replacement systems differ is in what the hair replacement system is made of. Some are made of natural hair while others use synthetic hair. The base of the hair replacement system can be made of either lace or polyurethane. Both are designed to be both natural-looking and also to be virtually undetectable. Polyurethane hair replacement systems in particular aren’t visible and also can’t be detected by feel.

The hair on a hair replacement system can be styled however you want, just as your natural hair can. The idea is for any hair replacement system to be worked seamlessly into your hairstyle so that it looks completely natural. It can be dyed and styled to suit each individual person’s desired look in both men and women’s hairstyles.