The right hairstyle both looks good and reflects your personality. But no one hairstyle is perfectly suited for everyone. In choosing the right hairstyle, there are certain factors that you have to keep in mind. Knowing what these are can help you to make the best choice for your next haircut. Current trends may play a role but should take a backseat to these other factors that can influence how your hair looks.

Your Facial Shape

woman getting a haircut
Certain hairstyles will look better with round faces while others will look best with narrower face shapes. When you’re browsing hairstyle options, look at the facial shape of the model. If it’s similar to yours, then that hairstyle may look similar to you as it does on the model. Make sure to ask your stylist at your appointment if the hairstyle you’re considering works well with your facial shape.

Your Free Time

Some hairstyles require a lot of maintenance. If you’re busy or don’t like spending a lot of time on your hair in the mornings, then a high-maintenance style isn’t right for you. Ask your stylist how much work it would take to maintain the style.

The Climate

Humidity can have a major impact on how a hairstyle looks after you’ve left the salon. If you live in a hot, humid area like Florida, then any hairstyle that can be affected by humidity isn’t the best one for you.

Your Age

professional women
While anyone of any age should be able to have any hairstyle they want, certain hairstyles may make you look older than you are. For example, long and straight hair can age you. While this can impact anyone, people of certain ages may be more concerned with looking older than they actually are.

Your Profession

If you work in a job that requires you to be able to freely move around, then that may also impact your hairstyle. You’ll want to make sure that your chosen style is one that either is already out of your way or can be put up and tucked away without sacrificing your appearance.

Your Hair Color

multiracial women
You might not expect your hair color to matter when it comes to your hairstyle, but it can have an impact on how a style looks on you. For example, across all facial shapes, blonde hair is more versatile with lengths, while red or dark hair is better framing your face with a bit of length to the style.

Your Skin Type

Some hairstyles involve chemical treatments to keep them intact for longer. Depending on your skin type, certain hair products could irritate your skin and cause an allergic reaction or acne.

Your Personality

While all of the above factors do play an important role in whether a style looks good, they’re not as important as whether a hairstyle suits your personality. A hairstyle that perfectly suits your face and hair color but doesn’t fit your personality won’t help you to feel more confident. Work with your hairstylist
to pick a style that both looks good and really fits you.